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CenterG Course

This is a HIGH-VALUE course series that teaches the business owner how to use tools to market their business with the  employees, and other Google tools while doing things you are already doing. It only takes a series to take control of your future. Choose CenterG*  today.


Social media marketing is not only fun but it is easy as well. The biggest draw to have someone handle your social media for your business is time. General content creation and graphics can take a good amount of time. If you have the time then let us teach you how best to spread your business. If you do not have the time we would be happy to help you take your business steps further with SMM. 

Web Design/Consultant

Brand Oklahoma can set you up with your very own website across multiple platfroms. We have serviced many ground breaking companies on thier completet and total web design. Some company owners insist on building and controling from the begining. This gives me the opportunity to work along side and consult as well. 

Video Editing/Consulting

Whether you are in need of a full comercial video or the modern quick snip intro/outro come learn from our tools or submit a request to have us handle your video editing. We also have access to voice over your content upon request. 

Graphic Design/Consultant

With plenty of experience in the graphic design world. We would love to assist you in creating logos, flyers, wraps, and more. These are held on case by case basis to ensure we prvide the very best service. 

Podcast Hosting/Consultant podcast started last year in an effort to assist others not to feel alone in their walk of life. Built from a military standpoint it has opened up into the civilian sector. Not only are we inviting others to tell their story but we will be able to offer marketing through company review(right to refuse business we don't morally agree with). 


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